Seamless Sumps

Product Overview

  • One piece molded construction- no seams, no welds, NO LEAKS!
  • Glass lids – no warping or yellowing, great for UV lights
  • Made of High Density Polyethylene
  • Far superior to acrylic or glass for sump use-No more brittle, stale, “old tank” syndrome
  • Three different tubs are easily interconnected and expandable for many configurations
  • Fits in most commercially available stands from the front!
  • Great for both salt and fresh water tanks-Compartmentalizes the various filtration tasks
  • Optimizes micro particle filtration, biological filtration, and aeration
  • Easily transforms from a wet filter to a wet/dry filter
  • Works great with the H2Overflow® system or any other 1-1/2” overflow
  • Cord management grommets to easily plug in your heaters and pumps
  • Pre molded pilot hole dimples- easy fabrication for many custom bulkhead configurations
  • Commercial quality, professional look and feel-Engineered and Built to Last a LIFETIME!