Product Overview

  • Patent Pending air intake cap automatically breaks a back siphon should the water flow stop
  • Minimizes flood risk and volume of back siphon during a power outage or pump failure
  • Works great with the Seamless Sump® system!
  • Does not rely on check valves with failure prone gaskets or springs
  • Loc-Line knuckle allows many output positions and nozzle options
  • Siphon Stopper® cap allows surface circulation and aeration
  • Siphon stopping cap is above water line, yet below the lids to minimize evaporation
  • Can be manipulated in multiple positions to easily control water circulation
  • Easy installation, all that is needed is one hole drilled for a 1/2″ bulkhead
  • Order the aquarium from us and we can drill holes for your overflow and returns for you!
  • Hole drilling kits available for easy DIY installation on existing aquariums
  • Fixed drilled position reduces the probability of human error
  • Installs out of your line of sight, very little visual impact on look of your aquascape
  • Clean, professional look – no “sloppy tank” syndrome

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