Unstoppable Hopper

Product Overview

  • Mess Free - Clog Free - Escape Free - Worry Free
  • Designed to work with Eheim dual feeder – the most reliable and versatile feeder on the market in our opinion
  • Elevates feeder above the surface so food does not get wet and clog the feeder
  • Funnel prevents mess on your lids from stray pellets, creating an odorous mess on your lids
  • Funnel flutes small enough to not let pellets out, yet allows air flow
  • Air flow allows splashing in funnel to dry between feedings
  • Funnel prevents fish from jumping out of the tank
  • Extends food quantity dramatically - up to 12 weeks for a well stocked 200 gallon tank
  • Food extender hopper can come with optional divider to simultaneously use 2 different types of food
  • Different food types can be programmed to deliver at independent quantities and time intervals
  • Easy-to-clean, smooth black PVC