Where can I buy these custom build to order products?


Lifetime Aquariums®

Lifetime Aquariums® glass aquariums are built to order one at a time to fit your specific needs. Choose from a range of options such as several glass thickness choices, optional tempering, low iron / ultra clear glass, drilled holes, enamel backing, among many more custom options. Our patent pending anodized marine grade aluminum frame system means our aquariums can be made to order in virtually any size and will not crack and fail over time. Visit your local reseller today to learn more, customize, and order the aquarium of your dreams!

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Seamless Sump®

The worlds only Seamless Sump® system means NO WELDS, NO SEAMS, NO LEAKS! The patent pending Seamless Sump system was created by full time aquarium maintenance professionals to be customizable, have a low long term operating cost, be very efficient, and last a lifetime. With any combination of our Filter Sock Tub, Baffle Tub, and Reservoir / Refugium tub, let your imagination run wild with the countess possibilities our system can offer. Now the same durable, dependable, easy to maintain design can be a part of your very own Lifetime Aquarium system. Visit your local reseller today to see for yourself and learn more, customized, and order the Seamless Sump® of your dreams!

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The patent pending H2Overflow is a serious game changer in the aquarium industry developed by full time maintenance professionals. It is the perfect solution for safely and efficiently returning water from your aquarium to your sump filter. Whether it be for our recommended seamless sump, or your own DIY sump system, the H2Overflow is the perfect solution that is EXTREMELY quiet, has a high quantity of skimming surface to provide aeration, maintains a consistent water height above the rim of the aquarium (no more annoying visible water line), and has a very small footprint to stay out of the way of your lighting. It can be used with our pre-drilled Lifetime aquariums, or use our very reasonably priced hole drilling kit to retrofit to your existing aquarium. Visit your local reseller today to observe one in action, and to learn more about the amazing H2Overflow system!

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Siphon Stopper®

The patent pending Siphon Stopper® return fitting means no more reliance on failure prone check valves! This practical, reliable return fitting allows you to minimize the risk of a back siphon and the same time minimize evaporation and easily manipulate water flow. Being Loc-Line compatible, there are a multitude of nozzle attachment options giving your tremendous versatility. The Siphon Stopper® return fitting is the most versatile, visually appealing, consistent and reliable solution on the market today. Visit your local reseller today to see one in person and learn more about the reliable Siphon Stopper return fitting!

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Lifetime Stands & Canopies

Our Lifetime® aluminum framed stands and canopies are the most durable, functional solution, at the best price point, of any aquarium stand and canopy system available on the market today. The frames are made from anodized aluminum that will never rust, chip, or corrode. They are not only light weight, but are engineered to withstand extreme loads from even our largest tanks, yet at the same time break down in minutes for easy transport, storage, and installation in hard to access locations. There is no longer a need for welded steel for your large tanks that is expensive, heavy, and can rust!

Read more about our revolutionary, patent pending, Lifetime® all aluminum stand and canopy system today!

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Majestic® Stands and Canopies

Majestic® stands and canopies are hand crafted, one of a kind, heirloom quality furniture pieces. We have a several styles and colors to choose from, or we can help you create or match your own custom style. Our solid oak and maple frames are from the hardwoods of Wisconsin and made in the USA. The solid ¾” plywood top and back gives you unmatched strength and durability. There is NO PARTICLE BOARD ever used in the construction of our stands and canopies. The most critical investment you can make to ensure the life of your aquarium is having an adequate stand to support the structure of your heavy aquarium. We guarantee the integrity of our Lifetime Aquariums on our Majestic stands for LIFE. For larger aquariums, steel stands or steel reinforced wood stands are also available. You will not find better materials, better craftsmanship, and a better value anywhere. Visit your local reseller today to see to see the high level of craftsmanship and attention to detail yourself, and learn more about our high quality Majestic stands and canopies!

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H2Overflow® Stealthbox®

The H2Overflow Stealthbox® is the most versatile, silent, and reliable external aquarium overflow system available anywhere! This Stealthbox® works great with the Seamless Sump, or any other sump system. The H2Overflow Stealthbox® has 1200, 2400, or 3600 gallon per hour. capacity!

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Unstoppable Hopper® – Feeder Extension

Mess Free – Clog Free – Escape Free – Worry Free

Stand elevates feeder above the surface so exiting food does not get wet and clog the feeder. Funnel prevents a mess on your lids. Hopper extends pellet food quantity to last over 12 weeks with a well stocked average tank!

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