Product Overview

  • Allows single, double, or triple H2Overflows® to seamlessly integrate with a multitude of output options for up to 3600GPH! (Single — 1200GPH, Double — 2400GPH, Triple — 3600GPH)
  • Many internal plumbing configuration options makes it the most SILENT and VERSATILE external overflow on the market!
  • Top of the Stealth Box® sits evenly with the top of the frame, not the bottom of the frame, meaning you can seamlessly control your water line to be below the lids, yet above the frame of your tank. NO MORE ANNOYING WATER LINE!
  • One piece molded solution. The box itself as well as the slip fittings on the bottom are made from one piece molded PVC. That means no welds that can be vulnerable to cracking and leaking.
  • Made from black PVC… not abs or polycarbonate, meaning it will create a stronger bond with off the shelf PVC fittings.
  • The Stealth Box® comes with 4 molded in 1–1/2” slip fittings, 3 @ 3/4” slip fittings, and 3 @ 1/2” slip fittings on the bottom inside and bottom outside of the box. Most versatile solution on the planet — let your imagination run wild with possibilities!
  • Comes standard with 2 @ 1–1/2” fittings in the center open and ready to use. Remaining fittings have pilot hole dimples ready to drill for whatever DIY configuration you decide.
  • Internal plumbing kits and ball valves available to aid in your various optimization goals.
  • Can be used as a complete gravity fed filtration solution — no external sump needed! As effective as a canister filter with far less risk of leaks and far easier maintenance!